Our Services

View Landscape Architecture is a small design studio based in Brisbane.

We provide services to clients in the greater region of Brisbane and SEQ. Our services include:

  • Aged Care
  • Education
  • Residential Sub-Divisions
  • Mixed use development
  • Low to medium density housing
  • Urban High Rise Developments
  • Public Infrastructure
  • Select private residential design – both new and established

Experience & Expertise

View Landscape Architecture Principal James Radice has worked in the landscape design industry for 13 years for leading design firms in Brisbane.

James brings experience and expertise to Landscape Concept Plans; Planting Plans; Design Development Plans; Construction Documentation; Construction Services/Administration; Landscape packages for Council Development Approvals and Operational Works Approvals.

Step by Step

Services provided at View Landscape Architecture range from complete full service of concept/sketch design through to construction services or partial services tailored to the individual project. A typical landscape design project will involve the following process;



Contract Administration